Endangered Animals

Endangered animals are those animals which have a high risk of extinction. The International union for conservation of nature and natural resources aka IUCN classifies all the species of animal and plant life on the planet to various lists.
Endangered animals are those animals which are part of red list of the IUCN. As per the latest list released by IUCN, more than 19,000 species out of the total species numbered at 63,837 are under the threat of extinction.

There is a huge list of endangered animals as per the latest red list released by IUCN. Some of the major endangered animals mentioned in the list are:

1. African Penguin

2. African Wild Dog

3.Asian Elephant

4. Asiatic Lion

5. Blue Whale

There are some cases where direct human intervention had not been responsible for the near extinction of a species but indirectly human actions were responsible. In the case of the american bald eagle, the common pesticide used earlier called DDT entered into the food chain due to its irresponsible use.

From humans, it entered the fish and from there it entered into the bald eagles. It resulted in thinner egg shells for the eggs of bald eagles and as a result, most of the eggs were not able to survive. This resulted in quick dwindling in the number of bald eagles in the wild.
Fortunately, a conservation program was started for them and after nearly 40 years, it turned out to be a success and bald eagles were taken off the list of endangered species. This shows that with concerted efforts, conservation of endangered animals is possible.

It is important to understand the reason why the conservation of animal and plant species is necessary. Humans and animals live in a co dependent ecosystem. All of the things in this ecosystem are interconnected and any change in the ecosystem affects all the other participants in this ecosystem.

With the disappearance of a species, a vital link is broken in the ecosystem and it is bound to affect others. The effects may not be felt immediately but sooner or later, the effects are going to be there.

There have been a number of efforts which have helped restore the population of some of the endangered animals in the world. The captive breeding has been successful for some of the animal species. One shining example of this captive breeding are the pandas raised in China.

Private breeding has also been successful in raising the numbers of endangered animals. Researchers have found that creating strong economic incentive for protecting endangered animals has attracted a lot of private backers in the conservation effort.

In conclusion, there is a way to co exist if we want to. It just needs a concerted effort.